Security Acroniemen

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Security Guards

Security Acroniemen

Lijst met acroniemen uit de wereld van Security.

Acroniemen die gebruikt worden in de wereld van de security.
ACLAccess Control List
AESAdvanced Encryption System
BIABusiness Impact Analysis
CBSPCloud-Based Security Providers
CIDRClassles Inter-Domain Routing
COBITControl Objectives for Information and Related Technology
CoCChain of Custody
COSOCommittee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission
CSIRTComputer Security Incident Response Team
CSPContent Securtiy Policy
CVSSCommon Vulnerability Scoring System
DASTDynamic Application Security Testing
DDOSDistributed Denial Of Services
DESData Encryption Standard
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocols
DNSBLDNS-based Blackhole List
DOSDenial of Service
DSADigital Signature Algorithm
FoWFog of War
GMTGreenwich Mean Time
GPGGnu Privacy Guard
GSEGIAC Security Expert
IPSecInternet Protocol Security
IRPIncident Response Process
IRTIncident Response Team
LEALaw Enforcement Agency
MACMedia Access Control
MFAMulti-Factor Authentication
MXMail Exchange
NATNetwork Address Translation
NCSLNational Conference of State Legislatures
NIST SPNational Institute of Standards Special Publication
NTPNetwork Time Protocol
ODUOld Dominion University
OODAObserve, Orient, Decide, Act
PAOPublic Affairs Officer
PGPPretty Good Privacy
PHIPersonal Health Information
PIIPersonally Identifiable Information
RATRemote Administration Tool
RBLReal-time Blackhole List
SASTStatic Application Security Testing
SCDSource Code Disclosure
SIFTSANS Investigate Forensic Toolkit
SMBServer Message Block
SMESubject Matter Expert
SPFSender Policy Framework
SSEServer Side Encryption
STSSecurity Token Service
TCTThe Coroner's Toolkit
TFTPTrivial File Transfer Protocol
TLSTransport Layer Security
TTCTime To Crack
VOIPVoice over IP
WAPWeb Application Protection
WFTWindows Forensic Toolchest
XSSCross-Site Scripting




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